The patient portal is available for all patients! Please contact one of our staff members to receive more information about the portal and learn how to sign up. It’s a fast, convenient and easy way to have access to your medical records. This includes your diagnosis, vitals and prescriptions. Along with having access to your medical records, the portal makes it convenient for you, the patient, to request for an appointment and for a prescription refill. Please note that a request for an appointment does not guarantee that you will have a booked appointment; unless you receive a confirmation from the staff through the patient portal. The same policy also applies to prescription refill. For prescriptions it is up to the provider on whether or not the prescription will be accepted or denied. This will be based on your medical records. Parents may also request to obtain the rights to their child’s portal (to receive access to their online medical records). Privileges to the child’s online portal is determined by the child’s age.

**Please note that Unicare patients will have access to their medical records only if they’re registered with any of our fifteen clinics with their email address on file, and have been seen by our provider.

Click below to be directed to Unicare Patient Portal!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I received an invitation for the portal and it asked me for the access code but I lost it or forgot it. What should I do?
Contact the office that you are assigned to and a staff will be able to help you obtain the access code. The access code is usually the last 4 digits of your SSN or the year you were born in.

My child is 13 years old, can I obtain the rights to their portal?
Yes, you can become a proxy, which allows you to take over your child’s portal. As their parent/guardian this allows you to have access to their online medical records, request for appointments and request for prescription refill, on their behalf. To do this, please contact one of our staff.

I used to have access to my child’s online medical records in the portal but as soon as he/she turned 13 years old, the new medical records were not uploaded or visible to the portal. Why aren’t the new medical records showing up in his/her portal?
Due to the HIPAA policy, parents will no longer have access to their child’s medical record after the age of 13. The proxy (parent) will go from having full access to little access. By having limited access, the parent will only be able to request for appointments and send a general message on the child’s behalf. If a parent wants a copy of the child’s medical record, a form needs to be filled out and turned into our office. The form used to request for medical records can be found in the Patient Resources tab.