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At Unicare, your health is our top priority!

Our Health Centers Remain Open!

You can count on us for the latest information on COVID-19, how to help protect yourself, and how to get the care you need — when you need it.

Our top priority is the safety of our patients and our staff. At Unicare Community Health Center, we have a standard protocol in place for any infectious disease, including COVID-19. We continue to follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local and state health officials.

COVID-19 Tests: Unicare Community Health Center is now offering drive-thru COVID-19 testing. ​
Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, have traveled in the last 14 days and/or had close contact with a person positively tested for COVID-19? If so, please call 909-457-3603 to schedule an appointment for COVID-19 testing at our drive-thru locations. Testing is by appointment only.

  • Updates on COVID-19 — COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the country, so it’s still important to protect yourself. While the virus may cause mild illness in many people, others are at a higher risk for getting more severe symptoms. For more information on how to keep yourself and others safe, click here Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Care Reminders: Make sure you:
    • Wear a Mask
    • Keep Social Distance of at least 6 feet
    • Wash your hands with a soap for 20 seconds
  • Flu Shots – Now more than ever, it’s important to stop the spread and protect yourself from the flu. We offer flu shots at all our clinics.
  • Healthcare Coverage: If you or your family needs information about health coverage after a layoff, the cost of care, or applying for financial help, we’re here for you.
  • Telehealth Services: We offer Teleheath services that connect you with your provider by video or phone from the comfort of your own home. Do not delay seeking health care, call your clinic today
  • Additional resources: More information and guidelines about COVID-19 can be found on the following websites: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites.

Remember, we’re in this together. With your help, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the flu!